Festival History Tour - Track


Photo taken in 1974

Fun Fact:
This image features one of the many “chariots” that used to populate our (then) full oval racetrack. These chariots were made with modified trailers, featuring car tires for wheels. As you might imagine, while they were exciting to watch a race, tehy weren’t very safe for either the chariot occupant or the audience!

The fence along the back of this image is where the front line of the crafter booths are now, with the Legend Stage behing about 10 o’clock from where we’re looking. The Green Man would be 40 feet in front of you, Irish Cottage to your left, and the elephant rides to your far left.

Jousting replaced the good old horse and chariot races, and the track was modified into its curent configuration. As a side note, there used to be periodic elephant races late in the afternoon; the elephants would cross the finish about where this chariot is located.