Artisan Awards


New Artists of Merit

This award recognizes four artists who, although new to the Festival, have shown great talent and have displayed an understanding of the spirit of Festival participation.

  • 1993 – Michael Christopher (Sculpture, Slightly Off Kilter, Shop P-43); Ruth Craig (Leather, R. Craig Leatherworks, Shop#1645; Goan Grimm (Clay, The Terra Cotta Tortise, Shop#742); Thurman Scheumack (Wood, Scheumack Broom Co., Shop#1640)
  • 1994 – Ynhared Mangan and James Weinrod (Dragonspawn, Shop#330-331); Pat Landreth and Suzanne Montano (Bungled Jungle, Shop#A1640); Doug and Colleen Kraatz (Glass Images, Shop #150)

Artistic Growth

Begun in 1989, this category honors those artists who have developed an additional focus in their work.

  • 1993 – Robert Nordstrom (Metal, Bronze Age, Shop#208); Jim and Sue Vojacek (Glass, Oulu Glass, Shop#447)
  • 1994 – Sandy Dale (Gnarlies, Shop #805); Elizabeth Nistler (B. Nistler Studio, Shop #132)

Landscaping and Bannering

To recognize the work done by individual shops in response to the Festival’s emphasis on landscaping and decorative color

  • 1993 – Dennis Blankenheim and Fran Doll (Bronze Jeweler, Shop#435); Sandy Dale (Gnarlies, Shop#805); Linda Day (Linda Day Pottery, Shop#128); Eddie and Sandy Hesalroad (Olde Glass Factory, Shop#225); Steve Mudd and Carol Kurtz (Gemini Glass, Shop#314-315); Bonnie Orvedahl (Ash Coulee Pottery, Shop#321)

Shop Decoration

The recipients of this award decorated and improved the appearance of their shops in both striking and subtle ways

  • 1993 – Joan Gray and Chris Kopacek (Batik & Stained Glass, Shop#344-345); Mark Reschke (Tooling-A-Round, Shop#419)
  • 1994 – Mark Doran (Wood Willow & What Knots, Shop #606-607)
    Honorable Mentions: Roxanne Brown (Elemental Clay, Shop #332); Dave Lynas & Janis Andler (Gnome Wizard, Shop #420)

Best Cart Decoration

The recipients of this award decorated and improved the appearance of their carts

  • 1993 – Martha Thomson (Wild Thyme Botanicals, P-21)
  • 1994 – Robert & Barbara Hale (Creation by Hand, P-45)

Best Festival Spirit

This award acknowledges good costume, good use of language, concern for fellow participatns and patrons, audience rapport — all in all, a portrayal of the true spirit of the Festival

  • 1993 – Katie Beery (Hall of Scribes)
    Honorable Mentions: Jon Anderson and Sonny Pouliot (Jon Anderson Pottery, Shop#229); Gerry and Ellie Bennett (Off Our Rocker, P-10)
  • 1994 – Larry Hopp (Royale Candlesticks, Shop #806-807)
    Honorable Mentions: Tim McCloskey (Floriginals, P-08); Suzanne Plaissance (Snapdragon, P-12)

Festival Foundation

This award was designed to honor those shops and shopkeepers who have consistently contributed to the stability and popularity of the show… truly foundation stones of the Festival.

  • 1993 – Don and Sharon Cherney (Argent and Natterjack’s, Shop#411); Dame Kate and Sir Jere Huffman and Tony Ledtje (What Cheer Potters, Shop#211-212)
  • 1994 – Marilyn Zutz Heuer and Gene Heuer (Jewelry by Zutz Heuer, Shop #604); Judy Kastelle (Thatchentree, Shop #201 and P-03)


King’s Most Grande Awards

These are the highest honors to be bestowed in the realm of crafts. The recipients earned the award by virtue of excellence in all areas of participation: thematic shop appearance, audience interaction, appropriate costume, and quality of work

  • Best New Shopkeeper
    • 1993 – Gordon and Carolyn Otsen (Alta Pacific Stained Glass, Shop#602)
    • Colleen and Doug Kraatz (Glass Images, Shop #150)
  • Best New Peddlers of the Realm
    • 1993 – Barbara and Michael Koppang (Putsina the Gypsy Face Painter, P-04)
    • Connie Lee Castle and Kevin Lance (Castle-Lance Creations, P-18)

Top Craft Demos

The hard work and consistent effort put into research, development, and the presentation of demos.

  • 1993 – Morgan Brooke, Jeff Dahlin, and Deb Last (Windrose Mill, Shop #120); Kym Groves-Kreidler (The Alchemist, Shop#333-334); Dame Sherry Johnson (Porcelain and Old Lace, Shop #603); Carol Lisbona (Jul Hus, Shop#644-645)


Masters Program

The Masters Program is voluntary. Its purpose is to encourage and recognize excellence, and to increase awareness of high quality crafts. There are two levels of participation: Master and Artisan

  • New Masters
    • 1993 – Nancy Chien-Eriksen (#722-723, Graphic Arts); Kathy Dopita (#152-153, metal); Laurel Krause (#639, feathered pictures); Daniel Larson (#150-151, musical instruments); Mary Rose Mittelstadt (#227, Calligraphy)
  • New Artisans
    • 1993 – Todd Anderson (#221, Wood); P.D. Breeding-Black (#643, Graphic Art); Sandy Dale (#806, Sculpture); Laura Hughes (#642, Apparel); Lynne Lenzmeier (#122, Jewelry); Carolyn Otsen (#602, Glass); Gordon Otsen (#602, Glass); Thelma Paulson (#116, Sculpture); Randall Spangler (#219, Graphic Art); Linda Sumner (#408, Paper); William Sumner (#408, Paper); Jean Taylor (#426, Sculpture)