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Towards the Fates – Synopsis & Reviews


Wood from a tree on the mortal plane, the leaf from the Fae world, and the seed from gods-only-knew-where; it had become a thing of all of them.


Ten months ago, the Gypsies battled the Fae for Ryna’s soul.

As the cycle of the rennies’ year returns to Pendragon, they find their beloved playground more steeped in Magick than ever.

Ten months ago, they won.

Now clocks refuse to function, phantom music rides the wind, and as strange creatures stalk the grounds, Ryna feels the call of Pendragon’s shadow-self more keenly with every passing day.

But the Fae are old, and patient, and they do not give up easily.

As Phoenix is about to find out, just because you’ve sworn you’re done with the them doesn’t mean they’re done with you….




“The thing that makes me happiest about these books [is that] they’re also about a place, which I think is missing from a lot of fiction these days… I’m talking about sacred geography. Not sacred to any god, but sacred to a people—the places and things around which societies are built and lives are ordered… I love that Meghan takes the time and energy to bring that to life and really show how it shapes and holds the people who call it home. Even after they’re long gone, in some cases.” ~ K.V. Taylor, Spec Fic and Nonsense

“This book leaves you wishing you had the next volume in hand so you don’t have to wait for the next installment.” ~ Mike Gleason, The Cosmic Cauldron

“Meghan Brunner’s work is the nearest thing I have to the Renaissance Faire when in withdrawal. Too many authors borrow the renfaire or SCA scene for a mystery plot or teen angst, and forget the beauty and magic that the performers create. This is the kind of book that I buy copies of to share with my friends…. Here’s a health to the company, and the next book.” ~ Brenna, Amazon.com review