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Into the Storm – Synopsis & Reviews


After ten months of traveling the Renaissance faire circuit, the Gypsies return to Pendragon… but the place they and many other rennies call the home of their hearts is but a ghost of its former self.

Friends have quit, structures are gone, the budget has been cut, shows and schedules have been tampered with… all thanks to Patty Kate, the micromanaging pink fluffhead who usurped the old Entertainment Director’s position. She’s determined to make her mark on her new domain, but every perky word that flees her lips only sinks the cast’s morale lower as she cheerfully murders their traditions one by one.

If that wasn’t enough, Liam has been waiting ten months to pay Ryna back for stealing his love and causing him to break his bargain with the Shadow Fae. And now, with the Shadow Fae feeding on the rennies’ discontent, he might just have his chance.

Home may be where the heart is… but what happens when the heart is ripped from the home?




  • Finalist for the 2004 Golden Crown Literary Award in Speculative Fiction

“This wondrous sequel to From the Ashes proves definitively that Brunner’s Faire Folk series is an extremely rich and fertile place to explore… this book cleverly evokes many feelings, a longing for the faire, and a desire to be part of something much more bigger and important — family.” ~ Cindy Lynn Speer, Fantastica Daily

“I was thrilled to step back into Pendragon Faire–this book delivered all I expected and more. Ms. Brunner has a way of making faire come to life. Wonderful story–tightly told–would highly recommend it.”
~A Reader, Amazon.com review

“Ms. Brunner has woven a roller coaster ride novel that has you holding your breath one minute and crying the next…. A “must read.”” ~ Mary Bowerman, Amazon.com review

“… the characters shine through, even in their darkest hour.” ~Finder, GLBT Fantasy Fiction Resources

“The most difficult part of reading this book… was stifling my laughter and not making sarcastic comments out loud… Trust me, you will find plenty to snicker at, if you can keep yourself from laughing out loud. These characters are so completely natural that they seem like family as soon as you meet them.” ~ Mike Gleason, Witchgrove

“The thing that makes me happiest about these books [is that] they’re also about a place, which I think is missing from a lot of fiction these days… I’m talking about sacred geography. Not sacred to any god, but sacred to a people—the places and things around which societies are built and lives are ordered… I love that Meghan takes the time and energy to bring that to life and really show how it shapes and holds the people who call it home. Even after they’re long gone, in some cases.” ~ K.V. Taylor, Spec Fic and Nonsense